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Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week (November 21-25)


Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week (November 21-25)

Here’s a look at the Top 11 Most Viewed Articles of the Week on, November 21-25, 2016. 

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1. The Ultimate Way of Showing the Value of Your Advice

In today’s information-drenched world, with too many options it’s often easier to put things off and not make a choice. In doing so, clients often handicap themselves by not making any progress at all.  — Stewart Bell

2. 10 Marketing Trends Advisors Should Plan to Incorporate in 2017

A new year means it’s time to try new things! As the marketing landscape continues its swift evolution, it’s important for financial advisors to evolve with it, and that means adapting to modern marketing mediums. — Kelly Holcombe

3. 5 Online Tools to Help You Write Better Blog Posts

When you’re writing blog posts, it is not uncommon to hit a bump in the road and feel stuck with where to go next. — Alex Brooks

4. 6 Things NEVER to Say to Female Investors

The fastest way to turn a potential female investor off is by telling her how great you are or your system is. Women look for advisors who they can connect with, someone who shows they care about them and their needs. — Strategy Marketing

5. Muni Bonds Are Key to Donald Trump Making America Great Again

Ever since he made his presidential bid in June 2015, Donald Trump has vowed to “make America great again.” Part of that promise includes rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure, a monumental task that will require the financial backing of tax-free municipal bonds. — Frank Holmes

6. Do You Send Holiday Cards to Clients? Let’s Look at Their ROI

I cannot stress the urgency of what care looks like to consumers today when it comes to your financial services practice. Care is not the sending of a card. I couldn’t give a rat’s patootie about the card. — Sheryl Brown

7. 13 Financial Moves to Make Before 2016 Ends

The year is quickly coming to a close and there’s New Year’s resolutions aplenty. However, with resolutions being so open-ended, it’s easy to pile too much on at once and while you may feel motivated at first … — Mary Beth Storjohann

8. 10 Reasons a Donald Trump Presidency Will Be Good For You

I bet you’re reading this for one out of three reasons. One, you voted for Trump, as I did, and are excited about our first pseudo-independent candidate. Two, you’re looking to see what type of racist, xenophobic, misogynistic, nationalistic things I have to say so that you can unfriend or unfollow me. Three … — Dr. Charles Glassman

9. Top 10 American Fears: Four Related to Financial Health

Not long ago, one of Americans’ top fears was public speaking. Apparently Toastmasters is working; this fear didn’t even make this year’s Top 10 list. — Rick Kahler

10. Think Big: Give Permission to Suggest Something Crazy

Nothing energizes a team or organization faster or better than a big idea. If your company or department lacks enthusiasm—if your team members are bored—it’s time for a bold move.
 — Mark David

11. The Customer Experience Is Your Best Marketing

I still believe that customer service is the new marketing. And taking it a step further, the entire customer experience is your best marketing. — Shep Hyken

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