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Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week: November 27-December 1


Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week: November 27-December 1

Here’s a look at the Top 11 Most Viewed Articles of the Week on, November 27-December 1, 2017

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1. The New PR Strategy for Reaching Clients: Be Your Own Media

It was not long ago when a public relations program designed at getting your name in front of potential clients was pretty simple: get your name in the local media on a regular basis, do some local charitable work and hang out at your local country club. Those were the days. — Dan Callahan

2. How to Break Away in the Post-Protocol World

The recent news of Morgan Stanley’s and UBS’ exit from the Broker Protocol caused quite a stir in both the wirehouse and RIA industries. — Matt Sonnen

3. Are Energy Stocks an Opportunity or a Value Trap?

The S&P 500 energy sector has lagged the strong performance of the broader index, falling by over 6% so far this year. Energy remains unloved for a number of reasons – value investors don’t think it is cheap enough, and growth investors don’t see the future upside – but we believe that there is good reason to be optimistic that better times may lie ahead. — David Lebovitz

4. 4 Steps to Becoming Distinctive and Referable

“I think distinction, particularly for financial advisors, is the point in your practice where prospects and customers are attracted to you because of what you stand for.” — Julie Littlechild

5. Tax Reform: What the Hell is Going On?

The current proposed tax reform changes may be the biggest changes to the Tax Code the country has seen since the mid 1980’s. To date, the government has been very light on details when it comes to proposed tax reform. Matthew Wheeler

6. 5 Lessons From a Superstar in Sales

You know those new salespeople who roll onto the scene, make big waves, and have the old-timers scratching their heads asking, “Where did they come from?” Stephen Higgins is one of those salespeople. — Marc Wayshak

7. 4 Strategies for Navigating Market Expansion

The U.S. economy is into its ninth year of growth—the third longest expansion in the post-war era. The result: stock prices are higher than ever, your portfolio has grown rapidly, and investors are basking in post-recession bliss. Smart advisors, however … — Salvatore Bruno

8. Driverless Cars Are Poised to Deliver Benefits for Drivers, Investors—and Even the UK Economy

While Parliament may not typically come to mind when discussing innovation of any kind, British finance minister Philip Hammond caused many heads to turn last week when he announced that the new budget would include measures to encourage the development of driverless cars. — Richard Lightbound

9. The Skill Most Crucial to Your Success and Happiness as a Financial Advisor

What’s more vital to your success and happiness as a Financial Advisor, your technical skills or your people skills? Tough question? Not really. It’s your people skills. Hands down. No contest. — Bill Bachrach​​​​​​​

10. 5 Things to Know About UBS Leaving the Protocol

This news comes with little surprise and we fully expect that Merrill Lynch will soon follow suit. Certainly announcements like this cause an abundance of emotions from fear and anxiety to anger and everywhere in between for advisors who were protected by the seminal document. — Mindy Diamond​​​​​​​

11. Robo Advising and The Death of the AUM Business Model for Independent Financial Advisors

Recently, one of my clients shared with me that their Broker/Dealer had created their own ‘robo advisor’ platform to help them compete with the likes of Schwab, Scotttrade et al. My response was grim: “They just committed professional suicide.” You are now being told to sell the one product that will completely destroy your value to your customers. — Mike Garrison​​​​​​​

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