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Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week: November 5-9

1. Will the Global Market Crash of 2018 be the Beginning of the Greatest Financial Crisis the World Has Ever Seen?

The global selloff has erased $5 trillion from stock and bond markets in October alone! — Jason Hamlin

2. Living Longer, But Can You Prosper?

The ‘prosper’ part involves longevity risk, a phrase that we first heard about 10 years ago. For financial institutions … — Al Emid

3. The Investment Implications of the Midterms

The results of the U.S. midterm elections were largely in line with expectations, with one important wrinkle. — David Kelly

4. Why Donating Stock to Charity Beats Giving Cash

It’s that time of year: The air feels crisper, the leaves look redder, and pumpkin spice futures suddenly seem like a good investment. — Rey Santodomingo

5. How Does Market Risk Impact Your Practice?

As a financial advisor, I enjoyed risk conversations. It wasn’t because I was a doomsayer or compliance nut. Risk-related discussions simply helped me offer better advice. — Robert Brown

6. What Does Every Woman Want? An Advisor Who ‘Gets It’

For women, building a trusted relationship with a financial advisor is unique, in part because we require much more from the relationship. — Jessica Bokart

7. A Closing Problem Is Really an Opening Problem

Your sale is won in the beginning. If you target the right prospects with the right message and are diligent in surrounding the account, you can build the value and business case. — Scott Birch

8. Why Should You Have Multiple Income Streams

There’s a lot of talk in the world of personal finance about the importance of having multiple income streams. — Mary Beth Storjohann

9. How to Be an Overnight Success

It takes a lot of patience to be an overnight success because, in reality, any true success takes a lot longer. — Paul Kingsman

10. How to Overcome the Inexperience Barrier

The financial services industry literally has a silver lining. Silver hair (or age) is an advantage. — Bryce Sanders

11. How to Create a Superb Customer Experience on the Internet

If you want customers to return to your site, you have to create an amazing customer experience (CX). People tend to remember how your site makes them feel over the specific elements of the site. — Lexie Lu