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Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week: September 10-14


1. Is It Time to Think About Income?

A lot of people in the investment business like to say “the back half of the year starts after Labor Day.” Obviously this isn’t true from a chronological standpoint – the year is two thirds complete by the beginning of September – but it isn’t entirely false either. — David Leibovitz 

2. The Most Important Chart To Explain Why Bears Lose Money

I have spoken about this many times in the past, but the fact is that very few understand our financial markets. — Elliott Wave Trader

3. Five Steps to Change the Habits that Are Sabotaging Your Career

For most of us, life has its routines: we get up about the same time every day, we eat the same breakfast and we take the same route to the office. It’s a reassuring pattern that enables us to focus on the higher-functioning tasks. Or so we like to think. — Mathew Paine

4. How a Legacy Merrill Team Experienced 600% Growth in 10 Years

An “outside-in” look at how a capital partner helped this RIA make the leap to independence—and achieve amazing results. — Mindy Diamond

5. Advisors: Are You Fooled By Your Own Bias?

Pioneering research in the psychology of investing, now known as behavioral finance, by Nobel Peace Prize winners Daniel Khaneman and Amos Tversky, and other leading academics, has highlighted key investment behavior insights. — Carol Pocklington

6. Historic Bull Run Will Continue, but Prepare for Market Sell-Off

The longest bull market rally in history has further to run – but investors may wish to start to build cash positions before next year, affirms a top analyst at the world’s largest independent financial advisory organization. — George Prior

7. Partnerships with Both Tilray and Aurora Could Make Namaste Technologies a Sleeper Hit in the Cannabis Space

As the cannabis market continues to heat up, many investors are paying close attention to the consolidation originating from outside sin sectors like alcohol and tobacco. — Stephen L Kanaval

8. The Strengths and Challenges of Your Four Money Personalities

Everyone has a financial personality. In fact, we’re likely to have a blend of four financial personalities. — Danielle Howard

9. What to Do When Your Spouse Handles ALL the Finances

The Common Story. I sit down with a nice couple, meeting them for the first time.  We exchange pleasantries and they tell me they are looking to retire. — Andrew Rosen

10. How Much Longer Can Markets Rise?

2017 was an investor’s dream.  It was one of the least volatile years in stock market history and every asset class that I can think of went up.  Unless an investor was using Bitcoin’s 1,318% return as their benchmark, most investors were happy. — Damon Gonzalez

11. Turning Your Awesome Idea Into a Win

So you have an awesome idea for a new business. You think you can make a difference in the world and make tons of money like some others before you have. How should you proceed? — Roy Osing

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