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Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week: September 17-21


1. A Multi-Factor Approach For Globetrotting Investors

Multi-factor exchange traded funds (ETFs), or funds offering simultaneous exposure to more than one investment factor, are growing part of the of universe of alternatively-weighted funds. — Todd Schriber

2. The Power of Contrarianism to Long-Term Investment Success

Warren Buffet is widely regarded as the most successful investor ever. His investment prowess and success is the stuff of legend. — Scott Barlow

3. Should Investors Be Worried About the Midterm Election Results?

School and Congress are both back in session and while parents may be happy to see their kids heading off to the classroom, investors can’t help but be a little nervous as the midterm Congressional elections loom. — Salvatore Bruno

4. 11 Steps to Making Your Client Experience Extraordinary

If you sent a survey out to your clients, what would they have to say about their experience with you? — Kirk Lowe and Matt Halloran

5. Advisers’ Value Propositions Will Have to Change

Financial advisers will have to focus on the quality of their advice and will probably have to charge more or reduce their overheads, or both, if they want to remain profitable under the incoming Retail Distribution Review (RDR) regulations. — Personal Finance

6. Tapping The Unmet Medical Needs Investment Opportunity

While the biotechnology space is one of the most innovative corners of the investment landscape, some potentially lucrative drugs and therapies are under-represented in traditional biotech investment vehicles. — Todd Schriber

7. The Soft Sell: Establishing Yourself as the Alternative

Sales is often thought to have a lot in common with “Conan the Barbarian.” You pick up a prospect, hit them in the head with an axe, toss them aside and grab the next one. Relationships have a winner and a loser. — Bryce Sanders

8. Insiders are Cashing in Their Shares as Investors Remain Complacent

Historically volatile September is so far a Steady Eddie as markets regain optimism with calming trade wars. Insiders, however, are selling. — Lenore Elle Hawkins

9. Rising Above the Financial Bullies

There is nothing good to be said about bullies. Their appearance in our early lives can set the tone for a life of misery, fear, and remorse. — Michael Kay

10. Small Business Owners Feel Excluded from the American Dream

Seven in ten small business owners feel the ‘American Dream’ is harder to reach than ever before, according to new research. — Lendio

11. Which is Best? Dual-Contract SMAs vs. Single-Contract SMAs

The most common question we receive from breakaway advisors is, “If I start an RIA, how do I recreate the products and services I’ve always had available to me during my career in the wirehouse?” — Alex Webb

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