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Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week: August 13-17


1. The Ten Commandments of Closing

What a confusing business! So much contradictory advice! One advisor tells you their prospecting method is the best. Another tells you it’s never worked for them. You realize success in this business is all about ringing the cash register. That means closing business. — Bryce Sanders

2. What Is Up With the Dollar?

With the U.S dollar having strengthened 6.6% in the last six months, investors are beginning to question whether the dollar has fundamentally changed direction after declining in 2017. — Alex Dryden

3. How Monetary Policy Works

With the yield curve rapidly flattening, a lot of chatter in the investment world has turned toward the question of when the yield curve will invert. — Dr. Sonu Varghese

4. The Economic Marriage of The United States and China

On a recent visit to China, I met with a wide variety of financial institutions to discuss their views on the current economic relationship between the United States and China. — Brendan Ahern

5. Hedge Funds Managers Arm Themselves in a Race for Alpha

It is no secret that the vast majority of investors, including hedge funds managers, have underperformed market indices over time. However, some managers have distinguished themselves generating very strong risk adjusted returns. — Don Steinbrugge

6. Four Undervalued Small Cap Stocks For Value Investors

There are a number of great companies in the market today. By using the ModernGraham Valuation Model, I’ve screened the 900+ companies reviewed by ModernGraham to select four small cap undervalued companies for value investors. — Benjamin Clark

7. What Exactly is Impact Investing

I define Impact Investing in the terminology section of my website as investing that “drives social and environmental progress through investments, while screening for risk and creating competitive returns.” — Sonya Dreizler

8. 10 Things Mentally Strong Leaders Do

Really, it’s a bit of a misnomer to refer to ‘mentally strong leaders’. Most leaders, by definition, are mentally strong. But like the chicken and the egg argument, which came first? The leadership or the strength? — Taylor Stauffer

9. Why Cryptocurrencies Are Now More Trusted Than Banks

Since 2011, there have been 56 cyberattacks directed at cryptocurrency exchanges, initial coin offerings and other digital-currency platforms around the world, according to Autonomous Research, bringing the total of hacking-related losses to $1.63 billion. — Chris Skinner

10. Wealth Management Either Poised to Grow or on the Verge of Massive Disruption

Wealth management firms have fared well in recent years on the back of rising markets, but the underlying drivers suggest an industry in flux; global investible assets are at all time highs, intergenerational wealth transfer is accelerating, and FinTech products are poised to disrupt. — Zachary W. Milam

11. Opening Up The Structured Products Market For Retail Investors

Structured products are financial securities which provide investors access to the derivatives market. These products are traditionally issued by large investment banks or specialized structuring firms. Why are structured products relevant to investors and how do you make them accessible for your clients? — Michel Barakat

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