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Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week: August 20-24


1. One Year Later, the NAIC Endorsement of Life Insurance Policies to Pay for Long Term Care Grows in Importance

For those nearing retirement, it is obvious that they will need as many financial resources as they can amass. The dilemma they face is that they often don’t know just how much they need until they get there – other than it’s more than they typically think it will be. — Chris Orestis

2. Investment Management in the Age of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning – We do that!

Artificial Intelligence and machine learning are everywhere. In the words of Tad Friend at The New Yorker magazine, “AI has grown so ubiquitous — owing to advances in chip design, processing power and big-data hosting that we rarely notice it.” — DeFred G Folts III

3. The Pool of Publicly Traded Stocks Is Shrinking: What Investors Can Do

Elon Musk is no stranger to making controversial and outlandish comments, and his tweet last week is no exception. As you probably know by now, the perennial entrepreneur announced to his more than 22 million Twitter followers that he is “considering taking Tesla private at $420.” — Frank Holmes

4. The Most Desirable Cities in America … Should You Be a Buyer?

There was an update to the rankings of the most desirable cities to live in the U.S. by U.S. News & World Report. Colorado Springs sprung into first place for the first time. I’ve been there, and can understand why they picked the place. — Bryce Sanders

5. 5 Insanely Easy Ways to Make a Client Your BFF

Why would you want a customer to be your BFF? Your job after all is to sell them something, answer their question on why their product isn’t functioning the way it should or why their bill is higher than what they expected. — Roy Osing

6. Are You Communicating Too Much with Your Clients?

Many advisors communicate with clients much more often than they should. Frequency does not equal relevancy. — Paul Kingsman

7. 11 Financial Questions with Uncommon Answers

With few exceptions, the individuals that come to us seeking advice are stressed out. Some of this stress is owed to our general cultural taboo of talking about money issues. An even larger part, however, is generated physiologically and is simply part of how our brains process information. — James E. Wilson

8. What’s New With the Home Office Tax Deduction

Self-employed taxpayers who use their home for business may be able to deduct expenses for the business use of it. Qualified persons can claim the deduction whether they rent or own their home and can use the simplified option or the regular method to claim a deduction. — Matthew Wheeler

9. Can You Confidently Tell the Truth?

According to one person in the news, “The truth isn’t the truth.” Today’s headlines have many of us wondering which way is up! But, the news does guide business for better or for worse; it is a marriage of sorts. — Elinor Stutz

10. Where Do Advisors Make the Most Money?

We all know being a financial advisor can be a great career. Getting into the business can be the best decision of your life. Although you build your career yourself, advisors in general make more (or less) money based on their geography. How do you stack up? — Bryce Sanders

11. Do Financial Advisors Still Need Websites?

There has been some discussion as to whether or not financial advisors still need websites. As blogging continues to grow in popularity, there continues to be a debate as to whether advisors should just use this new communication vehicle rather than a static website. — Blair Kelly

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