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Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week: July 16-20


1. The Portfolio Implications of Trade Disputes

Our latest research explores the portfolio implications of trade policy uncertainty, at a time when trade-related market shocks are becoming more frequent. —Benjamin Mandel and Hannah Anderson

2. How FinTech Startups Are Transforming Financial Services and Improving the World

Fintech is changing the financial services landscape. It is improving customer service, increasing financial inclusion and making banking just plain simpler, easier and more accessible. — Scott Johnson

3. The Falling Star: Is There an Overreliance on Morningstar’s Rating System?

The Morningstar’s five-star rating system was never meant to be a performance indicator.— Mark Pearson

4. Machines Now Know When You’re Eating a Hot Dog: What You Need to Know About AI, ML and DS

Whether it’s reducing the time you wait at a traffic light, allowing your phone to respond to your voice, or preventing fraudulent charges to your credit card, it’s becoming apparent that our systems are increasingly being managed by the machines we built to operate them. — Dr. Randal S. Olson

5. Six Absurdly Common Sense Strategies for Getting Business

Prospecting is tough. Most advisors are thrilled to find people willing to talk. Later in the process, you learn if they have sufficient liquid assets to become a client. That’s a bottom up strategy. — Bryce Sanders

6. Advisors who “Get It” Will Eat Your Lunch

When my kids were young, their favorite book was “Princess Backwards.” It was a story about a princess who lived in a land where everything was done backwards while she walked and talked forward. — Paulette Filion and Judy Paradi

7. Consumer Tribalism: A Battle For Financial Peace

The business world is at war. It has fortified its forces, from experts in branding, social media, and marketing, to psychologists and designers, to win a war for your dollars. — Michael Kay

8. 18 Content Marketing Best Practices for 2018

Content, content, content. It’s the “location, location, location” for 2018 and beyond for building a sales pipeline through marketing. Content done well can drive traffic, leads, and prospects along the sales funnel to satisfied, referral-providing clients. — Dan Sondhelm

9. How to Create More Compelling Offers

What financial advisers do is valuable, but it is often not compelling.  Retirement is so far away…there’s plenty of time to do stuff, right? — Tony Vidler

10. Kids, Money and Why Bobby Bonilla Outearns Aaron Judge

One of the most fascinating and visionary contracts Gilbert negotiates is for Bonilla in the late 90’s. It is still talked about today, although Bonilla has long been retired. Why? Because the contract still pays Bonilla and will continue to do so through 2035. — Sam X Renick

11. The Myth of “Finding Your Passion”

It’s hard to scroll through Twitter or LinkedIn these days and not encounter inspirational memes urging you to … —Dr. Nicole Lipkin

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