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Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week: July 23-27


1. How Portable Is My Advisory Business?

This 2-part process will help you gain clarity on the depth of your client relationships and the portability of your assets—ultimately helping to ensure any move is a successful one. — Barbara Herman

2. What Is a Future Ready Financial Advisor?

In the current world of financial advisors there is a storm of change. The three major changes Charles Darwin would observe is regulatory, technology and business models. — Grant Hicks

3. Friends as Clients: What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

It’s finally happened! You’ve gained enough experience and traction that friends have become clients. — Bryce Sanders

4. Why Investors Shouldn’t Be Afraid of Volatility

Why has market volatility possibly caused a surge in FINRA arbitration cases this year? Do investors have unrealistic expectations for performance? — Mark Pearson

5. Allocating by the Phases of Life

At a time of blistering fast innovation and numerous fintech companies offering new and insightful ways to analyze portfolios and the financial health of individuals, we think it important to step back and view investing from a higher perspective. — Joseph Hosler

6. Trust in Financial Services: What to Do When Doing the Right Thing Isn’t Simple

First, there’s no hiding from the brutal truth of poor conduct and the damage it’s done (or about to do) to community trust in superannuation, life insurance, banking and financial planning. — Carden Calder

7. 10 Reasons This Is My Strongest REIT “Strong Buy”

“Strong Buy” is any company I assess has the potential to generate a 25% annual return. Only 21 recommended “Strong Buys” make up my newsletter’s “New Money” portfolio. — Brad Thomas

8. Kids, Money and Growing up with a Super Bowl Father

Michelle Staubach Grimes is a champion of literacy, kids and families. That is inspiring to me today as were the athletic abilities of her father, Roger Staubach, years ago when he won the Heisman Trophy and led America’s team, the Dallas Cowboys, to victories in Super Bowl VI and Super Bowl XII. — Sam X Renick

9. Why Simplicity Is The New Everyday Low Price

Consumers have always valued simplicity, in part because it’s often not so easy to find with the retail experience. Think about how complicated it was to order something before the digital age, and how much waiting was involved. — Ted Rubin

10. The Question You Should Ask Yourself Every Day

In your career, it’s easy to get distracted from what really matters. It’s easy to get locked into a cycle of work and lose sight of the point of it all. It’s easy to fixate on problems and processes and projects. And then you wake up from time to time, and you feel lost. — Brendan Reid

11. Is Fintech Dropping the Ball When It Comes to Financial Literacy?

Americans face serious challenges because we’re doing a lackluster job of managing our money, personally and as a nation. Our booming fintech industry could be part of the solution but is at risk of becoming part of the problem instead. — Oranj Advisor


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