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Most Read IRIS Articles of the Week: July 30-August 3


1. A Flattening Yield Curve Gives Investors Another Trend to Worry About

First it was inflation. Then it was technology companies, and then North Korea and then the Federal Reserve’s policy on interest rates. And a trade war? It’s enough to make your head spin. — Bill Acheson

2. What the Billion Dollar Team Movement Means to the Industry

There’s little doubt that we’re in the midst of yet another evolution of the landscape and it’s trends like this that serve as harbingers for what may lie ahead for the industry at large. — Mindy Diamond

3. Why Risk Tolerance is a Flawed Concept

The entire idea that investors have a certain tolerance or “appetite” for risk is flawed. — James E. Wilson

4. Factor Views 3Q18

Most of the factors that we favor suffered in a quarter singed by a violent shift in volatility regimes. — Yazann Romahi

5. Refreshing The Value Proposition

It is often said that over the long-term, value stocks outperform their growth rivals. With that in mind, the performances of value and growth stocks during the current bull market in U.S. equities is vexing. — Todd Schriber

6. Ease EMFX Volatility with an Aggregate Strategy

The emerging markets sell-off has continued in recent weeks, as the U.S. dollar remains strong amid domestic economic data that supports a case for higher U.S. interest rates. — Fran Rodilosso

7. A Walk Through the First 60 Days of Retirement

You are a late 50 to mid-60 year old.  You feel comfortable in your retirement position, having just left your financial professional’s office.  So far, so good, right?  Now the hard part — walking into your boss’s office to utter the words “I’d like to retire.” — Andrew Rosen

8. Where Tomorrow’s Tech Themes Converge Today

Not surprisingly, one of the most promising frontiers for thematic investing is the technology sector. Within this space, an array of industries can be considered “disruptive” and are benefiting from major demographic trends along with changes in corporate and government spending. — Todd Schriber

9. 10 Reasons This Is My Strongest REIT “Strong Buy”

The name’s Thomas. My beat is REITs (Real Estate Investment Trusts). I edit Forbes Real Estate Investor newsletter. The topic’s Tanger. — Brad Thomas

10. How Advisors Can Discover 3 Aspects of Alternative Advice

When is it appropriate to give your clients “alternative” advice? Any time it would be valuable or helpful for them. — Bill Bachrach

11. 5 Reasons Advisors Needn’t Fear Technology

People are becoming increasingly adept at – and comfortable with – interacting with computers. This is fueling the debate around the merits of automated versus face-to-face financial advice. In reality, there’s no reason why both forms of communication can’t happily co-exist. — Don Connelly

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