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The Financial Complications of a Pro Athlete


Jordan Waxman has been a Private Wealth Advisor for over 20 years. Having grown up in Canada, he is a huge fan of the Montreal Canadians and his interest for helping athletes was born. 

In today’s world of huge contracts for athletes, as well as more and more reports of mishandled assets, one of Jordan’s focuses is investing his time and knowledge to help athletes understand where they are in their financial lives, and to help prepare them for the long haul.  For these reasons he created HighTower Sports and Entertainment — New York.

We got a chance to visit with Jordan, Partner and Managing Director at HSW Advisors, at the HighTower Apex Conference to disucss these issues.

Click the image to watch the video as Jordan shares with us:

  • How he got his start.
  • Why he focuses on Professional Athletes.
  • How he manages a group of individuals that gets most of their wealth at the beginning of their lives.
  • A book he wrote that details 13 stories of woe about this segment.
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