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The Most Important Piece When Transitioning to Independence


Stuart Friedman, a renown leadership coach, and I got some time together at the HighTower Apex Conference in San Francisco. 

Stuart is a top-rated speaker who has conducted more than 500 presentations and 175 speaking engagements around the world. He is an international consultant, executive advisor and author. Stuart has an MBA in accounting, a BA in chemistry and is SPHR certified. He is an instructor at the Wharton School of Business, and author of the book, “Break Free From Job Jail.” Stuart has written numerous articles and frequently comments on business leadership and operating successful businesses in today’s economic environment. His premise is that outrageously successful organizations work with clear and honest communication, and understanding of The Relevance Factor™. He’s also an IRIS contributor. Read his articles on Leadership here.

Click the image to watch the interview as we discuss:

  • What’s most important when transitioning to independence.
  • What clients expect from their advisor who is making a change.
  • How Principals of a moving firm can deal with the pressure.
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