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Why Active Management Is Still a Play Amid This Bull Market Run


It was great to get some time with Larry Pitkowsky at the recent HighTower Apex Conference in San Francisco.  Larry is the Co-Manager of the Goodhaven Fund, which had a spectacular 2016. 

Click the image to watch as we discuss: 

  • The Goodhaven Fund was up 20% in 2016, outpacing the category and benchmark. What led to the result?
  • Is the Fund particularly attractive as an investment now?
  • We’ve heard a lot about Active vs Passive strategies, does active fit into a diversified portfolio today and why?
  • Is it important for managers to look less like the index today and why?
  • Would you tell Advisors that a concentrated, value-oriented approach to investing in today’s market is worth considering?

Check out the Goodhaven website here

People have interpreted our logo as depicting a shoreline sheltered from stormy seas, or an umbrella against the rain. Regardless of how you see it, we tried to create an image reflecting our belief that the first job of portfolio managers is to attempt to protect the wealth of their shareholders and only then to seek profits. Although we cannot provide any guarantees and shareholders can lose money, we try hard to follow Warren Buffett’s two rules of money management:

Rule #1 – Don’t Lose!

Rule #2 – See Rule #1.

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