5 Ways Your Money Behaves in the Distribution Phase

Did you know that your money behaves differently in the distribution phase compared to the accumulation phase?

Get a full understanding of what happens with your money when you’re in the distribution phase, otherwise known as retirement, by tuning in to this episode with Justin Bennett! Justin breaks down the differences between accumulation versus distribution and uncovers the five oft-overlooked categories of how money behaves during the distribution phase.In this episode, you’ll learn:– How your financial response to being injured or sick would change in the distribution phase– Why volatility is not your friend during the distribution phase– The five big ways money behaves differently during retirement– How you can benefit from knowing these categories before you reach your distribution phase– And more!Tune in now and learn how your money’s behavior will change once you hit your distribution phase!Resources: Bennett Financial Group – Website | Bennett Financial Group Facebook PageRelated: Plan to Soften the Tax Impact Before Selling Your Business