Connect with Your Clients Through Storytelling with Heather Brilliant

Recorded live at IMPACT® 2019, this episode of Permission to Succeed features Doug Heikkinen and Heather Brilliant, CEO and President of Diamond Hill Capital Management, discussing the benefits of active management, the evolution of ESG investing and what Advisors should look for when considering investment in it, what she learned about our industry during her time in Australia, and how her experience in debate led to her career as an analyst and leader of our industry.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why Heather thinks that active management will always have a place in the market
  • Why Advisors are uniquely positioned to coach their clients to stay invested in the market
  • What Advisors should consider when looking for ESG capabilities to make sure they get what they are expecting.
  • Why Heather is hopeful that our industry will continue to become more diverse and inclusive.
  • IRIS Media Works recorded 16 Permission to Succeed podcasts from our pop-up podcast “studio” in the Discovery Data booth at IMPACT 2019. Fueled by coffee and the conference energy swirling around us, we had a great time talking to leaders from across the financial services industry. Thank you to Discovery Data and to our guests for participating in this grand experiment. We hope you enjoy and learn from these conversations as much as we did.

    RESOURCES: Diamond Hill Capital Management | Diamond Hill Capital Management LinkedIn | Discovery Data

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