Dare to Reinvent Yourself and Help Clients Do the Same

Have you ever considered taking a different direction in your professional life? Are you equipped to have conversations with your clients about their own desires for reinvention?

In this episode, Matt speaks with Bobby Henebry, a CFA, keynote speaker, YouTuber, and world traveler, about his decision to leave a secure job and eventually start Henebry Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Consulting. Bobby also explains how advisors can build client relationships that facilitate the “reinvention” conversation, and what he’s learned while growing his hobby-based YouTube channel. 

In this episode, you will learn:

- What Bobby’s first step was after leaving a secure job
- Why he just started saying yes to opportunities
- How Bobby balances the multiple entrepreneurial interests that he is pursuing
- Bobby’s advice for building client relationships that are open to conversations about reinvention
- What he has learned about serving his YouTube audience 
- And more!

Tune in now to consider what your reinvented life could look like — and learn how to support clients who are on the brink of reinvention. 

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