Everyone Should Write and Publish Their Book with J.T. McCormick

Everyone has a story. In today’s new reality, inspirational stories about how individuals work to overcome adversity are especially important. In this episode of Permission to Succeed, Doug Heikkinen talks with JT McCormick, President & CEO of Scribe Media about his journey, the importance of focusing on the positive and finding the lessons that make you a better person, and how he came to believe that everyone has a story worth telling – even you.

About JT McCormick

Abuse, discrimination, poverty, and neglect were once the major themes of JT McCormick’s childhood. As an adult, JT drew on those experiences to write the next chapter of his life—one of success.

JeVon Thomas McCormick was raised in the slums of Dayton, Ohio by his father, a black pimp and drug dealer, and a white orphaned mother. Determined not to be a victim of his circumstances, JT received his GED and found his first job cleaning toilets in a San Antonio Restaurant.

From those humble beginnings, JT worked his way up from being the lowest-paid employee at a software company, to the President of the company. During his tenure, he helped grow the business to a multimillion-dollar, 100-plus person company that was repeatedly ranked as one of the best places to work in all of Texas.

JT McCormick currently serves as the President and CEO of Scribe Media, a publishing company that helps individuals from a variety of backgrounds write, publish, and market their books. Scribe Media has worked with more than 1600 authors, including members of The Nobel Peace Prize Committee and David Goggins, and was recently ranked the #1 Top Company Culture in America by Entrepreneur Magazine.

JT is passionate about conscious entrepreneurship and creating opportunities for at-risk youth. He has mentored young men and women in the juvenile justice system, as well as those in lower economic communities. He lives in Austin, Texas, with his wife, Megan, and their four children Ava, Jaxon, Elle and Jace.

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