Failure Is a Step Closer to Succeeding with David Lyon

Not giving up is 90% of the battle. Just ask David Lyon, founder and CEO of Oranj, an award-winning software company that serves up streamlined investment management.

In this episode, host Doug Heikkinen and David uncover the real value proposition of advisors, the extent to which today’s advisors are adopting technology, and what makes Oranj 100% people-focused. David also shares why “total ignorance” is an entrepreneur’s bliss.In this episode, you will learn:
  • How Oranj helps advisors and their clients
  • How and why fees need to change across the board
  • What advisors can expect from a new generation of investors
  • How David’s childhood influences helped shape him
  • And much more.
  • Tune in to hear David’s story and learn why failure is a step closer to success. Oranj | David Lyon | Oranj’s TwitterRelated: The Glory of the UnMarked Trail with Sean Brown

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