From the NFL to Shark Tank: Football, Finances, and Entrepreneurship

Today’s guest is Justin Forsett , former NFL running back and business owner. Justin played 9 seasons in the NFL for 7 different teams. The constant changing of teams helped him always keep his eye on what his next move would be when his NFL career was over. He used his NFL retirement announcement to help launch a business he started with a few of his former college teammates — Shower Pill .

Today Justin will share with us more about what it was like to bounce from one team to the next and the cost that was involved with the transitions. He shares how his humble beginnings helped him stay conservative with this money throughout his career.

Click below the image to listen as we discuss:

  • What Justin thinks is the hardest thing about being an entrepreneur
  • What his experience was like going on Shark Tank and the advice that he has for others looking to do the same
  • The advice his financial advisor gave him as he moved from one team to the next.
  • How important giving back is to Justin and his business.

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