How Artificial Intelligence Can Change the Game for Financial Advisors with Andrew Smith Lewis

Recorded live at IMPACT® 2019, this episode of Permission to Succeed features Doug Heikkinen and Andrew Smith Lewis, Chief Innovation Officer at CAIS, discussing how people learn, the emerging AI technology that is powering innovation in education, and how CAIS and their new learning system, CAIS IQ, are working to make advisors smarter.In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Andrew Smith Lewis’ passion for making people better led him to the financial services industry.
  • What is the last mile of learning?
  • What are distributed learning and retrieval practice, and how do they move the needle on learning?
  • How CAIS IQ can help make Advisors smarter about alternative investments.
  • IRIS Media Works recorded 16 Permission to Succeed podcasts from our pop-up podcast “studio” in the Discovery Data booth at IMPACT 2019. Fueled by coffee and the conference energy swirling around us, we had a great time talking to leaders from across the financial services industry. Thank you to Discovery Data and to our guests for participating in this grand experiment. We hope you enjoy and learn from these conversations as much as we did.RESOURCES: CAIS | CAIS LinkedIn | Discovery DataRelated: Leveraging FinTech to Help Clients Manage Financial Wellness with Larry Shumbres

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