How to Borrow Capital Without Disrupting Your Plan

Let’s say you wanted to purchase a second property as an investment or for your family to enjoy — or both. How would you get the proper capital for a down payment without disrupting your planning?

In this episode, Justin Bennett shares the story of how he helped a long-time client with his planning resulting in him doing what he wanted to do. This conversation highlights the power of having options, and the opportunities that can come from using the cash value built up inside of a life insurance policy.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

- How this solution was efficient (e.g. making sure the client wouldn’t be subject to taxation)
- An outline of this strategy, including the numerous benefits to the client
- Why the client chose this strategy over other options for getting capital
- Whether the cash value will continue to grow within the policy in the meantime

And more!

Tune in now to hear an example of why cash value can be an effective capital source to lean on.

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