How to Get That Student Loan Paid Off

You planned and saved for the cost of college, and then you spent more than you ever could have imagined. Let’s face it: Student loans are daunting, and you may need help to navigate the next financial steps .In this episode of Agent of Wealth Podcast, Marc Bautis sits down with student loan expert Jan Miller of Miller Student Loan Consultants to explain how you can pay off student debt as efficiently and pain-free as possible.Related: How to Cut the Costs of College

In this episode, you will learn:

  • How Jan analyzes potential clients’ financial standings to determine their next steps
  • What the four pillars of student loan repayment are and the difference between each one
  • How working for a non-profit organization may save you money on loan repayment
  • How to tell if your debt-repayment plan is going to be the best plan for you
  • And more!
  • Listen in and learn about the benefits of creating a customized plan for your student loan repayment!

    Resources: Bautis Financial | Miller Student Loan Consultants