How to Plug the Money Drains in Your Life

Most people have money draining out of their lives, and they’re completely unaware of it.

In this episode of The Money OrchardTM Podcast, Dennis Zaderaka uncovers sources of money-leaks and strategies for holding onto more of your income. This eye-opening conversation is filled with tips that you can use right away to plug those money drains.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Why spending money is an emotional event
  • A negotiation tip to use at dealerships that offer 0% financing
  • A little-known fact about credit-card companies’ freedom to change interest rates
  • How you can rid yourself of the interest payments incurred on your debts
  • The do’s and don’ts of credit cards
  • How to use a time-money-exchange outlook when making purchasing decisions
  • Tune in now and learn how to plug the money drains in your life!
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