Investors Are Being Fooled by Their Own Brains

As an investor, it’s possible to make investing blunders because you’ve been fooled by your own brain.

In this episode of The Money Orchard™ Podcast, Dennis Zaderaka uncovers several ways in which our brains can trick us into making unwise decisions. If you can understand how your brain works, you’re more likely to avoid making costly mistakes. Listen to this conversation to become aware of how your brain filters out important details, sees what it desires, and gets stuck in repetitions.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • Multiple ways that our brains fool us
  • Why investors got caught up in the Krispy Kreme fad
  • How the framing of a question can impact our interpretation
  • An example of how the saying “Two heads are better than one” can ring true when getting insight into which companies to invest in
  • Words of advice about the passive investing trend
  • Tune in now to become aware of how your brain’s tricks might be influencing your investment decisions.Related: Should You Reconsider the Investment Advice You’ve Been Following?