Leaving Safety to Go on a Steeper Curve with Rob Nestor

Coming to you live from the Envestnet Advisor Summit®, Rob Nestor speaks to host Doug Heikkinen about how he pushed through feelings of trepidation to venture into the unknown.

Rob Nestor is the president of Direxion where he is responsible for leading all firm business including product, operations, and distribution strategy. Leading up to this role, he held positions at Vanguard, BlackRock, and iShares.In this episode, you’ll learn:
  • How Rob transitioned from his role at Vanguard to iShares
  • What piqued Rob’s interest in Direxion and influenced his desire to work there
  • Rob’s top “permission to succeed” moments in his career journey
  • How working virtually for BlackRock impacted Rob and his family
  • What success means for Rob and why he’s excited about Direxion’s future
  • Tune in now to meet Rob Nestor and be encouraged to follow your passion!Resources: Direxion | Envestnet Advisor Summit®Related: The Power of Your Community with Gurinder Ahluwalia