Projecting Your Personal Power Over Videoconferences with Bill Acheson

When you participate in videoconferences, you invite people into your home. Every element of the videoconference is revealing, so you need to make sure you prepare, position and present yourself as strongly as possible. In this episode of Power Your Advice Doug Heikkinen talks with Bill Acheson, the Body Language Expert, about personal power – what it is and how you can best manage and project it in today’s videoconference world.

  • What is personal power, and how do we project it?
  • What the space behind you on videoconferences reveals about you. How can you arrange it so that people focus on you, not on your tchotchkes?
  • Why you should minimize your movements while on camera.
  • How to manage intrusions during videoconferences and how to capitalize on them as an opportunity to demonstrate personal power.

RESOURCES: Bill Acheson’s website | Who’s Zooming Who Blog

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