How to Stay One Step Ahead With Cybersecurity

Protecting client data is of great importance to the HighTower Great Lakes team. That’s why they’ve enlisted Sarah Khan to help protect clients and advisors from digital threats.

Today, Tim Scannell is joined by Sarah, HighTower’s chief information and security officer, to explore how she works behind the scenes to protect clients. Sarah also shares steps you can take today to keep yourself and your information safe.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • About Sarah’s role at HighTower Great Lakes and how it benefits clients
  • How Sarah and her team ensure that clients’ information is kept safe
  • The value in using two-factor authentication
  • Sarah’s tips and tricks for protecting your data from hackers
  • And more!
  • Join Tim and Sarah now for an information-packed episode on how you can stay safe with cybersecurity!

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