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Tax Season: Questions and Answers

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Tax season is upon us!

Are you wondering how the new tax law will impact your 2018 tax return? If so, you’re in good company. Our clients have had a lot of questions about their taxes this year.

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In this special Q&A episode, we share the answers to our clients’ top questions. Tune in to catch our answers and become more prepared for tax season.

Here are the questions we answer in this episode:

  • How will the new Tax Law changes affect tax filing for pass through entities?
  • What is the best process for purchasing a car for business use: buy it personally, or buy it through the business?
  • When is a primary residence considered a rental for tax purposes?
  • Under the new tax law, will we receive a considerable hit and lose personal exemptions?
  • How does the backdoor ROTH IRA work?
  • Do I have to pay federal and state income taxes on an inheritance?
  • Are IRA Management Fees deductible on my taxes?
  • Can I use my IRA for major medical expenses without tax implications?