The Evolution of Client Service in an Era of Remote Work with Eric Clarke

This week we’re thrilled to speak with Eric Clarke.

Eric is the CEO of Orion Advisor Solutions but is also a recognized thought leader and an advocate for fiduciary advice.  Eric contributes regularly to industry publications, is a popular speaker at conferences and received numerous industry awards for his work. 

We speak with Eric about how advisors can use technology to provide best in class client service while working from home.  And we look at the future to examine what this experience has taught us about where we need to go in future.

In our conversation, we discuss how a large company, like Orion,  successfully and quickly transitioned to operating virtually and how they leveraged technology to make sure they didn’t skip a beat. We dig into the biggest challenges advisors are facing right now and the changes that will create opportunity in future.  Eric also breaks down how we can leverage evolving technologies to increase referrals.

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