Turning Distress into an Opportunity with George Schultze

When a crisis hits, give yourself permission to succeed and turn a time of distress into an opportunity.

In this live recording from the SALT Conference in Las Vegas, Doug Heikkinen is joined by the CEO of Schultze Asset Management, George Schultze. George talks about the tremendous investment opportunity that was borne out of the Great Financial Crisis and explains his firm’s specialty as an event-driven and distressed securities manager.In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • The bankruptcy situations of PG&E, Sears, and Caesars
  • Why George chose to focus on distressed securities
  • Challenges George faced while starting his company 21 years ago
  • How people go about seeking distressed securities
  • Moments in George’s journey where he gave himself permission to succeed
  • What success means to him
  • Tune in now to be inspired by George’s journey and give yourself permission to succeed!

Resources: Shultze Asset Management | SALT Conference