A Vision for the Next Economy in Sustainable Investing

Modern portfolio theory, a theory used by many investors, is now 70 years old. Is this way of investing still “modern” or is it time for a change?

In today’s episode, Kimberly Griego-Kiel has a conversation around the future of investing with Garvin Jabusch, co-founder and CIO of Green Alpha Advisors. Gavin shares what his company considers to be the next economy, and he details their approach to sustainability.

In this episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why we may need to move on from modern portfolio theory
  • Four pillars of innovation that could help the next economy
  • How the current climate crisis is changing the way people invest
  • And more!
  • Tune in to consider what changes you could make to your investing practicesas we head towards the next economy of sustainable investing!Related: The United Nations 17 Sustainable Development Goals