What to Know Before You Buy or Refinance Your Home

Interest rates are almost at the lowest they have ever been. Are you thinking about buying or refinancing a house?

Today, Peter Raskin speaks with David Fay, a mortgage loan officer with the Washington Trust Mortgage Company, about what to consider before choosing a mortgaging. David also provides clarity on options for loans and interest rates tailored to your financial goals.

In this episode, you will learn:

  • The pros and cons of different loans
  • The advantages and disadvantages of short- and long-term payback periods
  • Three ways to pay for the refinancing of your mortgage –– and which option can save you the most money over the long term
  • How to decide whether it’s worth it to refinance your home
  • And more!

Listen now as Peter Raskin and David Fay discuss options for financing your home in this episode of Wealth is in the Details Podcast! 

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