What Would 100 Referrals Mean For Your Business

What would 100 referrals mean to your business this year? How different would 2020 be if you received more referrals this year than you ever had before? Well in this episode we unpack 3 key considerations to help you define how many referrals you actually need so you can stop playing the comparison game and focus on what you need.

Here are some highlights:

When you hear the number 100 referrals - how does that make you feel or what does that make you think?The truth is, the number is irrelevant. 100 referrals received per year may be my number, but it doesn't have to be yours.In fact, it may not be possible right away or ever even necessary.And that is because you need to pay attention to 3 key considerations when determining the number of referrals you want to receive in a year.The three considerations are:1. Capacity of New Clients2. Your Referral History3. Your Close RatioKnowing these three considerations will allow you to make an accurate decision and manage your expectations for your referral growth for this year.

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