3 Key Indicators to Find the Right Tribe for You

“Tribe” is a new word, and a very old word. It’s used a lot in the women’s networking world – “finding your tribe”.

This blog came to me after finding my own networking tribe after a 2-year search. I’m also reminded of how I am surrounded by my true tribe in life, which keeps me happy and grounded. Here are three indicators to help you identify if you’re in the right tribe for you, and what it means to your spending.


If we go back to ancient tribalism, it was a way to survive by being surrounded and supported by people who all had a need to survive together. Different people developed different skills – hunting, medicine, spiritualism, leadership, cooking. Often the tribes were of ‘like’ people also – common skin colors, language, and survival behaviors like farmers vs. nomads and spiritualism.Modern tribalism is more about common values such as engaging in similar politics, cultural backgrounds, professions, and many others. We don’t necessarily all live together, but something draws us like a magnet. I was born in Canada, and can always find another Canadian in a room of hundreds. Go figure.

In the Wrong Tribe

Being in the wrong tribe is like working in the wrong company. You try so hard to get ahead, but it doesn’t happen. You do the wrong things, you can’t connect with senior people, and/or you just don’t find a lot in common. You become distant or uncomfortable, and frustrated. You don’t naturally fit in. And you can waste a lot of money trying to fit in…trying to be noticed or impress people…or buy friendships.Related: The Raw Effect Of Money Secrets On Love and MarriageRelated: Taking Courage to Face Your Money Anxiety

Save Money – Find Your Right Tribe

When you’re in the right tribe, you can be your natural self. You don’t feel uncomfortable social pressure or inadequacy. They think like you do and have similar values even if they’re not advertised. It’s the way we talk, the way we dress or behave, or maybe what we aspire to be.Being in the right tribe also affects your ability to manage your cash. The amount of money each of you has may be very different, but it just doesn’t matter. The size of your home doesn’t matter, the age of your car, or the clothing you choose. You spend time engaging with and learning from each other. How you choose to spend your life is most important.

My Tribe?

We can dress up in a suit, but you’ll find us in hiking boots or other active wear the rest of the time. We’re strong, opinionated, independent women with wonderful partners. We’re givers with high integrity. Some of us have made millions, some have not – we sort of know but it doesn’t matter. And we are committed to womankind – helping women of all ages and backgrounds succeed.