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Behavioral Intelligence

Is Your Client a Stormtrooper, a Wookie, Or an Ewok?


Written by: Chad Smith

For Financial Advisors on the Dark Side, there is one truth…All Storm Troopers are alike.

They all wear white plastic helmets and are lousy shots. However, I am guessing you are a Financial Advisor for the Rebellion. The unfortunate side of working with the Greater Good of the Force is no Wookie, Human or Jaba the Hut are alike. Yoda would tell us “handle the same, all clients I would not”. And, as we learned in the latest episode (no spoilers), even those Storm Troopers can get out of line.

How can you communicate with all of these species with different needs and outlooks on their investing? It is amazing in the movie to see that every race communicates in English, or at least understands it. That DOES NOT happen in real life.

Since the galaxy isn’t a perfect place, not all Rakatas are the same and we do not get to choose just one species to work with; how you connect with a Chiss, as opposed to a Sith, is not an easy task. This is where DNA Behavior becomes invaluable to you. Every Gran & Gungan needs a good retirement plan; especially if you were NOT asked back to be in the next installment. (Yes, we are looking at you Jar Jar Binks.) The ultimate question is, do I need a CP30 unit to communicate with these people? The answer is NO. Just have them take a 12-question Communication DNA Discovery. Easy for you, easy for them.

When talking with new Rebel Advisors, I get more questions and apprehension on what this crazy looking matrix is and what it means.

How does this matrix help me? Quite simply, this image is one of the easiest keys to read and understand who will be matched up most easily. If a new Jawa (columns) is a Community Builder, but their advisor (rows) is an Initiator, will they be a good fit for each other? With one easy look at this matrix, (no lightsaber or X-wing needed) you can see that they will not have an easy time connecting. But, if there is another advisor in that office who is an Engager & fluent in Javanese, they will likely have an easier time matching their natural behaviors to each other. We know this matrix does not create a bromance like Chewy & Han Solo. It just helps you to understand where your client wants to retire: a swamp on Dagobah with Yoda or a beautiful forest with the Ewoks on Endor.

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