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Facebook vs. Yahoo!: Who Rings the Engagement Bell?


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Is this even a fair fight? 

Our Engagement IQ says it is and the outcome may surprise you.

Let’s start with Facebook.  

Facebook’s stock is selling at more than 80 times earnings. Awareness of Mark Zuckerberg is at 82%. And 52% of Americans think Facebook is Hip.

Yahoo! on the other hand has had financial struggles.  It is selling at a multiple of 6. Awareness of its CEO Marissa Mayer is at just 35%. And only 37% of Americans think that Yahoo! is Hip.

Yet our Engagement IQ reveals that the public finds Yahoo! more engaging:

  • Yahoo! (Engagement IQ of 38.2) is the bomb. Yahoo! gives content. Yahoo is good.
  • Facebook (32.4) also has strong engagement, but has some turnoffs as well.

From a reputation standpoint, the issue is not only who has the biggest positives, but who suffers from specific negative perceptions:

Yahoo! is seen as smarter than Facebook (55% to 43%).

And Facebook has more negatives than Yahoo!

  • Arrogant – 18% for Facebook vs. 6% for Yahoo!
  • Secretive – 15% vs. 7%
  • Dishonest – 10% vs. 3%

By the way, Mark Zuckerberg (who is not seen as Hip), matches Facebook’s scores on Arrogant and Secretive.

Engagement is complex. 

Being the biggest, richest or hippest is all well and good. But humility and transparency can also win the day. 

In this head to head competition, Yahoo! rings the engagement bell.

In case you forgot…it’s mad science! 

How the Koski Research Engagement IQ Index is calculated:

1. Likability score: sum of positive attribute scores minus sum of negative attribute scores

  • Six attributes are measured: hip, thoughtful, smart, arrogant, secretive, dishonest

2. Lunchability score: would accept lunch invitation – yes minus no

3. Postability score: would post something on Facebook – yes minus no

4. Readability score: would read an article –

Engagement IQ Index = sum of the four scores indexed to a +100 to -100 scale

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