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How to Talk About the Money Without Ruining the Romance

“I wish I discussed finances before I got married last time.” Sound familiar?

Did you know past statistics have shown that in the U.S. approximately 50% percent of first marriages, 67% of second, and 73% of third marriages end in divorce?* Not surprisingly, a major cause of divorce in marriages is money. *You’ve found that special someone (again) but, you’re still trying to figure out how you talk about the “M” word without ruining the romance. You know it's smart to work together, but where do you start? Building a solid foundationof communication and partnership around managing your moneyis crucial to lifelong intimacy, trust, and success in a marriage.

Don't Talk to Your Partner About Money? You're Not Alone.

As both a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst and a Money Coach, I work with many smart, hard-working couples who just don't talk with each other about money. Maybe you and your new partner are like this too. As life becomes stressful, kids enter the picture, and expenses continue to rise, it becomes harder to talk about money without temperatures rising or carving out more than 5 minutes of sanity time. And then, someone loses a job, or you decide to divorce. There's a mad scramble to find all the documentation, list assets, and figure out what you're spending. THERE IS A BETTER WAY.Related: When to Start Financial Preparations for Divorce

Committed to Last - Created to Help You Talk About Money

Please join me and Ivy Menchel from Sagemark Consulting for Committed to Last , a 5-session workshop creating the financial foundation for a sustainable marriage. We are both Certified Divorce Financial Analysts, and see the frustrating, heartbreaking results of couples not talking with each other about money. We'd like to help you.The 5-session workshop begins on January 10, 2019 from 5:30-7:30 and continues for a total of 5 weeks.

What You Will Learn if 5 Weeks:

  • Who you are and how you relate to one another from a financial perspective
  • An in-depth understanding of money behaviors and how you think differently about money
  • New tools and exercises each week to help you and your significant other build a strong foundation
  • A road map to support your commitment to each other

    *Psychology Today, The High Failure Rate of Second and Third Marriages