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How to Torture Your Boss by Complaining About Your Commute

Dear Boss,

It’s just ridiculous, the amount of traffic I’m sitting through to get here by 9am. I don’t know how I’m supposed to do this.

I have been stuck in traffic every day this week for over two hours. First I hit the rush hour traffic to get out of my state and then I have to sit through all the rush hour traffic to get into the city. And if I take the train it’s over $40! But then I don’t have my car with me, and I may need it when I leave work. I mean, this is crazy!

— -

Dear Employee,

I’m sorry that I didn’t force you to move far away?

— -

Why Your Torture Plan Will Surely Backfire

Nobody asked you to move far away. It was a choice you made, which leaves the commute in your hands, to suffer through … quietly. Don’t complain to your boss.

— -

Maybe Try this Instead?

Here’s what you can do if you choose to take a job that has a long commute or you choose to move far away:

  • If you have demonstrated that you are a reliable, independent worker and this is something that is negotiable at your company, have a conversation about telecommuting. The most recent Gallup Organization engagement survey found that telecommuters had the highest levels of engagement when in-office and home-office work schedules were combined.
  • If you have demonstrated that you are a rockstar and it’s time to have a talk about raises, factor your travel costs into your calculations. It doesn’t hurt to ask in the context of a raise. It does hurt to ask in the context of a move.