I am so excited to let you in on something BIG that no one else knows: for the past two months I have been working day and night on a project that will change the fate of this company. We’re about to launch ourselves ahead of the pack. Soon our company will be synonymous with “innovation” and everyone will look to us as leaders in the field. I’ve invested a lot of my own personal money because I believe in this new project that much. And I want you to be my copilot on this new journey because that’s how much I believe in you. Together we can take this company to the next level! Let’s get this party started!

Dear Boss,



Why Your Torture Plan Will Surely Backfire

Nothing feels more deflating than lack of interest in our prized idea. When we are excited by something we have invested time, money and energy into, that ownership mentality becomes quite powerful. Your lackluster response pops the bubble of excitement and also puts a stain on your reputation.

Remember this old saying…

“Enthusiasm” has the letters in it that spell “team” and without those letters you’re left with “nhusis” and how much fun does “nhusis” sound like?

Does anyone remember that old saying?

Maybe Try This Instead?

Folks who flex their empathy muscle tend to have a special place in peoples’ minds and hearts. Empathy doesn’t have to be just for sad situations, it can also exist for exciting situations. I’m not suggesting faking it (because it’s obvious and more hurtful when you fake it), but perhaps ask a question or two about it and see if you can muster up some support.