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How To Write a Thank You That Gets You Hired


Have you ever had these challenges when thanking an employer?

There are typically four challenges:

  1. How to thank the employer.
  2. When to thank the employer.
  3. What to say in the thank-you.
  4. What medium to use (handwritten, email).

There are two most important aspects of the thanking process.

There are two keys you need to know about thanking somebody to make it effective: speed and thoughtfulness.

Speed is how quickly you respond to them after your interview. I recommend 24 hours.

Thoughtfulness is the level of effort and care you put into the words you place into the thank-you. What messages are you’re sending?

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You realize three benefits when you thank the employer.

There are three benefits of writing a thank-you.

1) You Get To Thank Them: Whenever you’re preparing your thank-you note, you should open with thank you so much for your time and I really enjoyed meeting you.

2) You Get To Sell Yourself: Right after you thank them, add your own unique identifier. Put in your sales pitch. Reinforce why you’re the best candidate for the job and why you’re such a great fit.

3) You Get To Reassure the Employer You’re Interested: The third benefit is to reassure the employer of your enthusiasm and interest in the position.

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