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Petco Drives Clean Living for Our Pets


Written by: Chris Broussard

The world of boutique, independent health food stores has been overtaken by the desire to achieve health and well-being moving into the mainstream. More and more, consumers have been choosing natural, organic, non-GMO and even gluten-free foods at the grocery store, while specifically avoiding those foods containing an overabundance of preservatives, artificial sweeteners, saturated fats and chemicals.

This shift in preference for healthy, natural products and the eschewing of artificial chemicals, sweeteners, sugar and other synthetics in all aspects of our lives is one of the basic building blocks for Tematica Research’s Clean Living investing theme

The Clean Living movement isn’t restricted to what foods we put in our bodies, but our pets now too . . .

“Today Petco announces it will stop selling pet food and treats containing artificial colors, flavors and preservatives. After May 2019 customers will no longer find brands containing such ingredients on their shelves. More than 40 artificial ingredients are on its banned list.The private San Diego-based company is rated #100 in Forbes’ America’s Largest Private Company list with $4.2 billion in annual sales and operates 1,500 store locations in the U.S., Mexico and Puerto Rico.Explaining the decision, which the company says could impact more than $100 million in annual sales, Petco said in a statement, “The move makes Petco the first national pet specialty retailer to take a stand against such ingredients, reaffirming the company’s commitment to being the lifelong, trusted partner – for pets and pet parents alike.”

Source: Petco Throws Artificial Ingredients Out And Further Commits To 360° Holistic Pet Care

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