Trump's Ability to Tap Into Public Sentiment Has Him Primed for a Run

Election years really push us researchers to think even more deeply about how people make decisions. Regardless of your political leanings, the 2016 presidential campaign has been interesting to observe and demonstrates how emotion and specific needs (or behaviors) play important roles in decision making. Shifting context, combined with environmental variables, influence our emotions and behaviors, and ultimately how we make decisions.

For example, Koski Research included presidential candidate Donald Trump in our 2015 Engagement IQ research study. Mr. Trump has the dubious honor of being the lowest scoring entity (or brand) ever in the Engagement IQ, with a -20 rating. And approximately one year later – with more information about “The Donald” available to voters in the context of today’s dynamic election environment – he is now the presumed Republican nominee.

For good or ill, Trump’s ability to connect with an increasing number of voters shows that he’s got a keen grasp of how to tap into the public sentiment (emotions) and meet their real or perceived needs in a leader, persuading many to cast their primary vote for the billionaire businessman.

So, how does this relate to Koski’s Decision Framework?

Because our “sweet spot” as researchers – the place where real, actionable insights are found – is at the intersection of learning about customer emotions and behaviors.

Our Decision Framework is encapsulated in this diagram:

And while Donald Trump’s holy grail may be the Presidency, our holy grail is helping clients engage with customers and grow their business. That’s why our ongoing mission is to search for powerful and actionable insights in every project we undertake.