Who is more likable—Google or The Pope?

You may roll your eyes or laugh at this question.

However, in today’s social media driven world, public opinion impacts perceptions of your company. Your likability…indeed, your popularity, will influence all stages of the buying process.

We realized there needs to be a new way to measure how the public engages with brands—a way that would go beyond traditional corporate reputation, brand, and customer loyalty metrics.

So we developed our own measurement tool: The Koski Research Engagement IQ.

Our Engagement IQ provides insight into how the public engages with companies based on positive and negative sentiment, positioning in the news and in social media:

  • Do they like you?
  • Will they post about you about Facebook and read about you in the news?
  • Do they find you interesting…enough to have lunch with you?
  • The Results?

    Do you know how social and public opinion influence the buying process for you?