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YouTube Killed the Radio Star


What do PewDiePie, Bethany Mota, Jenna Marbles, BlueXephos, Stampylonghead have in common? 

They are more than just YouTubers popular with the next, next gen. 

Why, you wonder, is your son watching videos of someone else playing a video game? 

If you’re looking for an exegesis of Hegelian thought or a critical interpretation of the imagery in Moby Dick, you will need to go elsewhere. 

However, you can learn how to fold a fitted sheet, make pastry dough, do a standing back flip, or watch Stampylonghead play Minecraft for hours…on YouTube. 

What makes PewDiePie or Bethany Mota compelling and successful?

And why is this relevant to your brand?

These popular YouTubers have successfully created their own brands because they have done a great job emotionally and behaviorally engaging their audience…their market.

They successfully fill needs we didn’t know we had… and they even get invited to the White House to interview the President as Bethany Mota pictured above, did last week!

What can you learn from them? 

Understand how you are behaviorally and emotionally connecting with your market.

Dig deep to discoverhow you can do it better. And measure the engagement over time.

In the end it comes back to something Julie Christie said years ago: “I see stardom very clearly as a construct that’s been created in order to sell things.”

Except now the stars have names like StampyLongHead…

Stay tuned for how big brands and YouTubers perform in future waves of the Engagement IQ.


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