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4 Reasons Why Client Feedback is Critical


4 Reasons Why Client Feedback is Critical

Admit it – Australian’s are a cynical bunch! We don’t trust traditional ads and are starting to get extremely fed up with online ads popping up all over our screens and Facebook newsfeed! For years we’ve said that traditional advertising is on the decline; instead, we’d prefer to accept someone’s recommendation on face value. We rely on the opinions of our peers, family and trusted professionals that we deal with all the time.

Thanks to online feedback forms, we’ve taken things a bit further and can now tell even more people about the good and not so good products, services and brands for lots of categories nowadays. From travel to electrical, babysitters and even financial advice businesses.

The good news is, as Financial Advisers you can take a step in the right direction and make sure that all your good client feedback is used in the right way.

If you’re not conducting any sort of client surveys, feel free to contact me, and I can share the various options with you.

For those of you who do conduct regular client surveys, here are some of the ways you can use that feedback to promote your business.

4 Ways Client Feedback Can Help a Business:

1. Promote it on your website. Have you noticed that feedback and rating platforms use stars these days? What that means is that when we see something that has multiple starts next to it, we automatically believe it’s good. Crazy I know but smart marketing people introduced us to that idea years ago. I’m not suggesting that you have to put stars everywhere, but do make sure that every page on your website has at least one client testimonial on it.

2. Having clients review your business on other websites can boost your online visibility and reputation. Google will love the fact that your name appears on multiple sites and not just your website.

3. Even if someone has told their friend about your business, there is an 80% chance that they will Google your name, just to check you out. Displaying your client’s feedback on your website informs that potential client that you have helped people just like them. This gives them confidence that you are someone they should contact and can increase your conversion rates.

4. When you openly share the feedback that others have given you it demonstrates to the reader that you are open, transparent and can be trusted. With trust being a major issue for the profession, surely using strategies to combat that has to be a good thing? Where is the social proof that what you claim you do, is accurate?

Tip: Don’t let the client reviews become stale. Seeking feedback and promoting it is simply one of the smartest ways to improve your online visibility and reputation.

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