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8 Proven Rules to Get Your Value Across


8 Proven Rules to Get Your Value Across

1. Avoid the desperate sales attack, instead remember the benefits of long term relationship building. Don’t feel pressured into making the client sign. People recognise desperate and run!

2. Clients do not want to be sold to, they want to feel that they chose you.

3. Clients may ask how you work. Avoid entering into conversation about the techniques you use, instead keep it high level. Focus the conversation on the benefits that your business can offer the client and examples of success you have had with clients just like them.

4. Speak about your competitors, large and small with complete respect. Support your industry. There is a financial adviser for every client.

5. Treat your services and your team with respect, your clients will see and will do the same.

6. Formulate your questions so that they can be answered with ‘yes’. This will create the agreement framework upon which a sale can be made. Start with closed questions, that be answered with ‘yes’, then move into questions where they will need to find their own answers and thereby sell your advice to themselves.

7. Always have a positive expectation that they will sign. This is called the ‘presumptive close’.

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8. Never undervalue your service. This means that you don’t offer a discount. If clients have trouble paying, offer a payment plan or a reduced service, but don’t offer a reduced fee, because this decreases your value.

Value your industry, value yourself and value your client.

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