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Advisors: How to Articulate Your Value in One Step!


Advisors: How to Articulate Your Value in One Step!

Have you noticed that your attention span has started to plummet?

Our need to be educated, informed while having fun at the same time has escalated!

So how on earth as professionals do we make our messages; our information fun and engaging? How can we communicate so that the information we are sharing is remembered and spread quickly from one person to another? We know that many Financial Advisers rely heavily on word of mouth marketing to gain new clients so what can you use to help them remember you and keep spreading the value you add?

Stories! Yep, the good old fashioned stories!

Stories about:

  1. The positive changes you make to your client’s lives.
  2. The fact that you are relevant and matter to your clients.
  3. How you can make clients feel better about themselves and their financial future.

When someone asks you, “How have you been?” or, “How’s business?” Don’t waste the opportunity, tell them about the client you helped last week – the one who came to see you because they didn’t know if they’d have enough money to retire on or the client you helped sort out their financial situation so that they understand their position now. Every day, you help people. Tell people how!

  1. Stories work if you say, “Can I tell you a story?”
  2. When you tell a story with a beginning, middle and happy ending our brains can process the information easily. Backed by research!
  3. If you say at the end, “Feel free to share that story, it might inspire someone else to seek financial advice” it increases the chance of them sharing the story and articulating your value in one easy step – and it didn’t cost you a cent!

Practical application tip!

As a team, think of the ways in which you have helped change the lives of your clients, develop them into stories, practice them as a team [displaying empathy and undersytanding] and then use them as many times as you can with clients, referral partners, anyone!

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