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Building the Three Drivers of an Irresistible Brand


Building the Three Drivers of an Irresistible Brand

Fair warning in advance of today’s Becoming Referable episode: you’ll want to have your notebook handy.

Our guest today is Jay Coulter, host of the Resilient Advisor Podcast. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. Jay is a financial advisor turned investment strategist, practice management consultant, author, and speaker. He runs two business and a non-profit organization, and has grown his brands to over 200,000 online followers.

“If you engage with your community in an authentic way, your platform grows exponentially.”

We had many questions for Jay on how he built a platform that has reached and helped so many professionals, and he gave us all the trade secrets. He details the three critical factors that make up a successful brand. He talks about content creation, blogging, podcasting, and maintaining a social media presence. A lot of this can seem daunting to a beginner, but Jay breaks it all down to bite-sized chunks, helping you focus on what matters most for each task. You’ll learn how to systematize your prospecting and relationship building and maximize your efforts along the way. The discussion is packed with resources you can start leveraging today to put Jay’s ideas into action, including a special set of tools Jay has made available to our listeners

Click below the image to listen and access these resources. We hope you find the conversation as valuable as we did!

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