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How an Extraordinary Client Journey Benefits Your Advisory Firm


How an Extraordinary Client Journey Benefits Your Advisory Firm

“If the client journey is intentionally designed, it creates the stories that people will tell others.”

This week on the Becoming Referable podcast, I’m pleased to have another opportunity to interview my co-host, Julie Littlechild.

Julie is a prolific writer and speaker and you are probably familiar with her great book,  The Pursuit of Absolute Engagement and the research that she and her team do at They are known for using new research to design programs and tools for advisors that take client engagement to new levels. And in this episode, we get to explore that topic.

Julie and I talk about the idea of a client journey, and contrast it with an advisor’s offering.

  • Why does a client journey matter?
  • Exactly whose needs should it serve?
  • How should it be constructed in order to differentiate you and make you more referable?
  • How can you take the first steps towards crafting that journey for your clients today?

We dive into all of this and more, and hope that you’ll walk away with tangible ideas and the tools to implement them into your business after hearing the conversation.

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