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If You’re So Good, You Better Be Hitting the Sweet Spot


If You’re So Good, You Better Be Hitting the Sweet Spot

cthan ever before and is now the only reliable way to grow your book of business.

Meridith Elliot Powell said it best when interviewed on Ande Lyons’ Possibility Partners show

“[Today’s] consumers are highly skeptical, well-informed and squarely in control. What you sell in this economy (no matter how amazing or incredible, unique or spectacular you think it is) [has] become a commodity.” – Meridith Elliot Powell

Sorry to refer to you and your AMAZING service as just a commodity, and your potential clients as consumers, but let’s think about that for a sec…

Sure, you’ve more than likely established deep relationships (as well as trust) with your existing clients, but until such a relationship exists with a prospect, that prospect is nothing more than a consumer shopping around for the best financial advisor, comparing YOU to all of your competitors.

Granted, they may be treating you and your service as a commodity, but there’s no doubt they’re taking it very seriously since it’s one where their financial future (and their family’s financial future) is riding on making the right choice.  Now, we all know that most people will buy a product or use a service without hesitation if a friend already owns or uses it and is clearly happy with it.  And with that in mind, our approach is typically to ask our existing clients for referrals (any referral) – possibly invite them to bring some friends or acquaintances to an intimate event or outing – but we’re shooting in the dark.

LinkedIn not only shines some light, it practically gives you x-ray vision!

Step 1:  Your LinkedIn Network – Make it an Introduction Machine

LinkedIn is only as powerful as you build your network to be.  Your first and second degree connections, alone, could provide most of what you need.

Learn who you should be including in your network, and best practices for making those requests by watching the following informative VIDEO  And then download the Printable Cheat Sheet

Step 2: Your 2nd Degree Connections – The Sweet Spot on LinkedIn

All of your clients should be 1st degree connections and these clients have 1st degree connections of their own – those people are your 2nd degree connections, the sweet spot!  Before you meet with a client, go through your client’s connections to identify who you’d like to be introduced to.  Then before the end of your meeting, have a conversation about these individuals and ask your client if they could provide you that warm introduction, as well as the recommendation that will set you apart from your competition.

Learn how easy it is to identify ideal prospects and how what to say and watching the following VIDEO  And then download the Printable Cheat Sheet

That’s all there is to it for sourcing the right names for a warm introduction and gaining the best opportunity for hitting the ball out of the park!

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